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About Us

Harnessing natural light since 1946

We are an Auckland-based manufacturer and designer of skylights, roof windows, tubular daylight systems, roof hatches and ventilation systems. We back up all our products with New Zealand-based support and industry-leading warranties. 

Turning ideas into reality

There is nothing straight forward about architectural buildings — everything is customised. And this is why architects and specifiers enjoy working with us; we have the ability to visualise how an idea will look and work. And we’re quick to respond to customer demand. For example, we were the first New Zealand skylight manufacturer to develop roof windows for low-pitched roofs. We called them “Low-pitch skylights”, a term that the rest of the industry adopted and has become generic.

A short case study

The Len Lye Museum in New Plymouth illustrates how we bring practical solutions to a project. 

To enable large artworks to be lowered into the museum through the roof, the architect specified a 6m x 3m roof-access hatch. The original idea was for the hatch to be mechanised. However, the cost proved to be prohibitive.

The artworks would be lowered by crane just a few times each year. So, why go to the expense of mechanising the hatch? Our solution was considerably more cost effective. We built a hatch that could be attached to a crane and then lifted off the roof when required.

A brief history

Clearlight industries (now Clearlight Bathrooms) began manufacturing acrylic products in 1946. Natural Light Solutions was formed after the sale of the skylight and roof-windows’ sales division. Clearlight continued manufacturing until Natural Light Solutions took over all aspects of manufacture, supply and development in 1998.

We have continued to develop new products to suit changing trends and regulations. We have also partnered with other world-leading skylight and roof-access companies to enable us to provide the largest range of products in New Zealand. 

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  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Maintenance & Repair

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