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Skydome Skylights

Options & Accessories:

Clear Acrylic

Soaker Tray Profiles:
Double Gutter Tile
Moulded Custom Orb


Ceiling Frame:
ABS white thermo plastic

P12, P15, Seadrift, Lattice, Flat Opal, Opal P12, Eggcrate.

Non Vented
Vented with Diffuser Clips

Electric Light

Flexidome 400 & 500

Energy efficient lighting for hallways, cupboards, bathrooms and kitchens etc. The simple flexible answer to lighting those dark corners.

Flexidome Diagram

Steel Soaker Tray

The 'Hi Rise' centre is what makes our Soaker Tray unique and this feature is standard on all Flexidomes. There is no reliance on any sealant against water ingress when breather frame and dome are fitted into position and fastened with high quality polyurethane construction adhesive.

Manufactured in thicker 0.55mm gauge Zincalume or Colorbond finishes and designs to suit any roof type.

Tile trays have a special double gutter system and 15kg/m2 Acrylaad flashing.

High Impact Dome

Transparent UV Stabilised grade 1 acrylic injection moulded for uniform thickness and strength. Live load tested to 112kg. (Approved to AS4285-1995).

360° Reflective Ring

the 0.45 mm, 430 BA Grade mirror finish stainless steel ring is positioned within the breather frame of the skylight to direct sunlight coming from any angle down to the Flexitube and through the diffuser at ceiling level.

Breather Frame

Injection Moulded with BASF Luran S, a high quality UV Stabilised material. Incorporating the patented Easy Change Vent System - Interchange the blanking plates and insect screens to suit your venting needs.


The most user friendly shaft system available. Designed specifically for use in Skylights and manufactured under our quality controlled conditions, Flexitube offers a cost effective balance between ease of installation and quality light transmission against $$ spent.

Four layers of material, incorporating Motorised Polyester (2) Polyester & Aluminium Foil encapsulating copper coated wire. This ensures a smooth reflective surface when positioned in installation.

Diffuser Clips

Designed to hold the diffuser into position whether vented or non-vented. When the skylight is vented, the diffuser is raised to a allow inlet air flow.


Pattern is prismatic manufactured from Clear Acrylic with a uniform thickness of 3mm.

Ceiling Frame

White injection moulded ABS thermoplastic. Designed to be unobtrusive on any ceiling.

Lower Reflective Rim

The 0.45mm, 430 BA Grade mirror finish stainless steel ring secures the Flexitube to the ceiling frame.