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Roof Access Hatches

  • Hatch door designed to allow access to the roof from inside the building
  • Fabricated from robust materials to ensure weatherproofing.
  • Application to commercial and residential buildings
  • Burglar proof construction
  • Offers external and internal security – no exterior locks or hinges with internal lockable latches
  • Lightweight and easy to install – CAD drawings available
  • Low profile design
  • Available in standard or made to suit sizes
  • Able to be powdercoated to match the roof if required
  • New Zealand made

Roof access hatches

Roof access hatches

Roof access hatches

Roof Hatch Standard sizes:

Code Inside trim size
RH7272 725 x 725
RH8484 845 x 845
RH8410 845 x 1085
RH8415 845 x 1580

Other options of use:

  • Aiding air police etc with large numbers printed on lid, especially in cities
  • Tread plated lids – if traffic over the hatch is predicted
  • 8.38mm laminated glass lid to provide light to the area below
  • Sliding hatch lid
  • No stock held, orders manufactured as required
  • Lead time 10 working days ex Auckland